Nick Shepard: De bekende wereld

Inspired by the paintings of Dutch masters, Portland based Nick Shepard explores contemporary life in America. Shepard’s project, De bekende wereld (The Known World) utilizes strategies that echo the aesthetics of classical paintings. Shepard focuses his attention to everyday objects and the people within his life.
“The great Dutch master painters used visual beauty, emotional directness, light effects, and naturalism to elevate the ‘everyday’. By using their genres and styles as a lens to take a fresh look at the details of our ‘everyday’, we are able to both appreciate and question our contemporary culture. The visual language of classic paintings also adds a sense of timelessness that incorporates our 21st century context into a larger continuum.”


About Alex Thebez

Alex Thebez is an Indonesian photographer currently based in New York. Alex’s passion for storytelling drives him to portray narratives and imagery through various mediums. Alex is particularly interested in the mundane and everyday. Alex also makes GIFs with the GIFRIENDS collective. Alex loves video games and ramen.