Tyler Lumm’s maniacal anxieties.

Tyler Lumm is an artist and photographer struggling in Chicago. Awkward and erotically charged – Lumm’s photographs often include elements

Min Kim Park’s women are out of this world.

The images featured above come from two different series from Min Kim Park: “Women Photography” and “Zummarella.” The two projects

Matteo x Patocchi dips in an out of focus.

“I am deeply inspired by the natural and urban environments alike and am constantly experimenting through digital photography. I overlay

Paul Sisson: Not so Far from Here

  Not So Far From Here is an ongoing body of work that explores the Western American Landscape and the

Yanina Boldyreva: Groping After

” People are inclined to see supernatural in all that surrounds them. But as a rule the more we are

Leandro Guardado: “Noir et Blanc Ciel, Paris”

In a city like Paris millions of pictures are taken every day, but there are always new ways to look

Petros Koublis: Inlands – Minor Landscapes

Petros Koublis is a Greek photographer based in Athens. The following images we are presenting are from a series entitled

Lauren Margit Jones: “; a desire”

  Lauren Margit Jones graduated from Parsons the New School for Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography.