Christiana Rifaat: So it goes

Christiana Rifaat is a photographer from Florida. Her series “So it goes” depicts quiet domestic scenes that carry complex emotional tensions. The

Daniel Smith: Corpus

Daniel Smith is a fine art photographer who is interested in the ways in which history and civilization annihilate individual

Patricia Voulgaris: Fragments

 Patricia Voulgaris is a photographer from Long Island, NY. “Throughout Fragments, I focus on how memories become abstracted and distorted

Lavender Chang: Portraits

In her personal work, Singaporean based photographer, Lavender Chang maintains an interest in conceptually driven images. Through her photographs, Chang

Matt Eich wanders to understand the America of his generation.

“For the last eight years I have cataloged the American experience in pictures, trying to understand this country by focusing

Michael Rudd: Whitewash

Michael Rudd is a self taught photographer. Born in Canada, Rudd lived in London and Hong Kong before settling in